30 mag 2014

Shipping update (final)


almost every order regarding the Barbarian Dude Redux have been shipped by now.

Due to a huge delay with miniatures restocking there are still few orders (the last we received) yet to be shipped.

If you don't have received a confirmation email saying your parcel is on the way, your order is one of those delayed ones.

I should have received the last restock of Barbarians to fulfill those orders this week but the caster further delayed the delivery to the next week.

I'm really sorry for the delay, it exceeded even my most pessimistic forecast, but don't worry, every order will be fulfilled, it's just a matter of few days more of waiting.

Thanks as always for your patience and comprehension.

Feel free to contact me via email for any other info.

05 mag 2014

Shipping status update


just a quick note to say that about 75% of total orders has been shipped till now, most of you should have already received the Barbarian Redux miniature or will receive it very soon!

The remaining orders are being shipped as soon as we receive weekly restocks from the caster, we are doing our best to shorten the delay as much as possible but it will still take a couple of weeks to dispatch the very last orders.

I'm really sorry for the huge delay, I'm an eager miniatures buyer myself and I know how stressful can be waiting so long for something you've paid for and want to put your brushes on, I just can promise that your patience will be well rewarded!

And don't worry, each and every order that have been placed (paid for) will be fulfilled.

For any info or issue feel free to contact me via email, I'm always ready to find a solution, even to give a full refund if you don't to wait any longer.

Thanks again for your patience and comprehension.

Emanuele G

15 apr 2014

Availability update and Shipping delay

First, thanks you so much for your appreciation of my works again!

After just few days from the release only 50 Barbarian Redux miniatures remains of the 499 availables, this is a huge encouragement for the next releases!

The first 100 or so orders are being shipped these days so if you have placed an order between 11th and 12th April you should receive soon a confirmation email saying that your parcel is on the way.

Everyone else should consider 1 o 2 weeks of delay before your order can be actually shipped (then another 1 or 2 weeks for delivery, according to destination)

This is mainly due to the caster sending me the copies in weekly waves of 50-100 each, after an initial run of 200 copies I had in house.

Moreover you’d consider this is a very small company, mainly I'm doing everything myself from proceeding orders to handling, shipping etc… and of course sculpting ;)

I understand this can be a huge delay but hopefully your patience will be rewarded with an high quality product accurately taken care of in every stage, from sculpting to packing.

Thanks for your support and patience!

11 apr 2014

The Barbarian Dude is back !

Hey guys,

due to the popular demand the Barbarian Dude is back on the Online Store available for purchase!

It took long than expected because I didn't want to make a simple recast (after all, it was a limited edition) but I sincerely wanted to fulfill the request of people who love the miniature but didn't manage to get it on time.

At last I decided to make a slightly converted version of the Dude (thanks to Vittorio for the suggestions)... basically it's still the same model with a new weapon, a (removable) fur cape and few minor fixes.

It ended up a sort of an "enhanced" version of the old Barbarian Dude... hope you'll enjoy !

To ensure the best casting quality it will still be casted in limited edition but this time there will be 499 copies, numbered and signed, so hopefully there will be enough for everyone :)


The fur cape is removable so if you prefer a "nude" look similar to the first version you can go with it:

22 gen 2014

Wamp Awards 2013: Best Fantasy Sculpt!

Hey guys, I'm really happy to announce that the Barbarian Dude placed 1st of "Best Fantasy Sculpt" on the Wamp Awards 2013! 

An huge THANK YOU for having shown you support and appreciation!

Congratulations to master sculptors Yannick, Mikh and Carmine who were the other nominees in that category!

*** For everyone asking for a re-release of the Dude I just can say I'll have great news very soon, sign up to the newsletter to stay updated ***

21 set 2013


Wow, it's been a long time since the last update... finally something new!

Here a little chick I sculpted for the nice guys (and friends) at Sergeant Black Art based on a nice concept by Roberto Cirillo.

They are releasing it as a very limited edition figure to celebrate one year of their blog... just 120 copies availables!

You can buy her (along with other great minis) on their Online Shop

22 mar 2013

Orders status update

Finally second wave of copies are on their way from caster to me!
I'll start shipping all orders as soon as I get the miniatures, hopefully at the beginning of the next week.

Since a lot of people are asking I would like to specify that if you managed to place an order you'll receive your barbarians for sure.

In the very moment they went sold out the "buy now" button became inactive, so don't worry, if you have sent money you'll get your miniatures... it's just a matter of time due to the caster being very busy.

Thanks for your patience!